Hosting a virtual baby shower or gender reveal party with Poll Everywhere

It’s Springtime and while we’re all enjoying the warmer weather from the safety of six foot social distances, life events are still happening all around us. Birthdays, engagements, Mother’s Day, weddings, and baby showers/gender reveals. The soon-to-be little ones wait for no shelter-in-place or social distancing measures, and the preparations and celebrations must go on, albeit virtually. I’ve been inspired to write this post after one of our own team members hosted their gender reveal over Zoom with Poll Everywhere as a main party activity. I wanted to share some fun (and tested!) ideas with you for your shower or reveal or maybe for someone you know.

Virtual guestbook

You may not be able to have guests sign a physical guestbook of well wishes and advice for the years ahead, but you can set up an Open-ended activity for guests to virtually “sign” before the festivities begin. You can share the results link with guests during the party to have everyone read the responses.

Guess the gender


What better way to virtually spill the beans than with a multiple choice poll getting everyone to pick which gender they think it will be. Or a superhero for those that choose not to choose :) You can assign correctness to reveal the gender dramatically.

Predict the birth date

You can have all the fun of playing fortune teller on the newborn’s birth date with a Clickable image and a blank calendar of the month of the due date. (Pro tip: hide the response instructions and the activity title to get a simple screen like this.) Then have the guests pick the date they think will be the big day!


Calendar from

Wishful thinking for parental traits


What famous traits from the parents-to-be do party guests hope the new addition will have? Find out with a fun and exciting word cloud. Does everyone hope the newborn has the father’s eyes or the mother’s smile? This is a great way to find out.

Guess the price Competition

Nothing like a friendly Competition to guess the prices of items such as baby food, diapers, and car seats. Use a site such as Target or Walmart to put together a game with the most up-to-date prices. We’ve gone ahead and put together one you can copy to your accounts.

Whether you’re celebrating a gender reveal or a baby shower, we hope these ideas get you inspired for your virtual festivities. Let us know how you’re using Poll Everywhere at your virtual parties!

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