7 unique and creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while social distancing


Let’s face it: the way we live, work, and socialize has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to find new, creative ways to stay connected. As we enter the new “normal” and make up for lost time, we may find ourselves farther from home and from mom. If you’re traveling the world because of your company’s new remote work policy or starting a new job away from home, it can be tempting to lament the inability to give your mom or mother figure a hug or hand deliver fresh flowers.  As Mother’s Day approaches, take what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and get creative with how you send virtual love and online appreciation.

If, like most of us, you’re going to make the most of your upcoming summer making up for lost time, checking items off our bucket lists, and going to our dream travel locations,  then you’re all too familiar with how challenging it will be to spend quality time together. What if we looked at this period of celebration as an opportunity to create new traditions? To find ways to stay connected while apart? To use modern technology to our advantage and create a truly memorable Mother’s Day experience virtually?

We’ve put together 7 unique and fun ideas to help you do just that.

Send a heartfelt e-card

With or without the COVID-19 pandemic, paper cards have a few drawbacks: they’re easy to lose, it can be a challenge to get everyone to sign them on time, and no matter what, writing space is always limited. The solution? Digital cards. It may feel a bit unusual to swap out paper Mother’s Day cards for digital ones, but in this new normal we don’t have much of a choice. It may actually be for the best, though. Digital cards provide much more real estate for everyone to write their warmest wishes, pose no risk for accidental misplacement, loss, or coffee stains, and you can have family members from anywhere in the world participate. Poll Everywhere makes virtual Mother’s Day cards personal and simple. You can even customize the background to be a photo of your mom or mother figure. The options are endless! Copy our e-card template directly into your Poll Everywhere account. Don’t have an account? Sign up here.

Create a nostalgic slideshow

There is no better time to remember the good times. Memories are a wonderful thing, and in our current situation they can serve as a touching reminder of what matters most. Put together a slideshow collection of your favorite childhood photos and/or videos that your mom or mom figure is sure to appreciate. Add in some sentimental music, loving quotes, or voiceovers from other family members to make it even more personal. When your mother figure gets on the video conference call, share your screen and watch their face light up as they watch the presentation. Make sure your mom figure has tissues handy!

Throw a virtual surprise party

Surprises have a special way of uplifting even the lowest of spirits. Gather all of your mom figure’s friends and family to join in on the surprise. This is a perfect time to invite old friends who your mom may not get the chance to see very often. Bonus points if everyone sets their Zoom virtual backgrounds as their favorite photos of your mom figure! And if Zoom isn’t your thing, Houseparty is a great virtual surprise party alternative. (Related: How to make your next virtual Happy Hour a hit).

Send a thoughtful gift card

Gift cards get a bad rep, but their flexibility can make for the best personalized present. Sending your mom a gift card to her favorite restaurant, store, or theater can be a great way to give her something to enjoy until you can visit her. As an added bonus, buying gift cards is a great way to support local businesses! For a more immediate gift, send a meal from her favorite restaurant through Postmates, UberEats, or Doordash.

Host an online brunch or tea party

These Mother’s Day staples don’t have to disappear just because we can’t gather at a restaurant or tea house! We just have to become a little bit more creative in how we host them. Have your mom and guests make mimosas, waffles, scones, or craft teas at their respective homes and enjoy them together over a Zoom call.

Play a Mother’s Day virtual trivia game

Who knows mom the best? Find out with a virtual trivia game dedicated to mom! Create an exciting Mother’s Day Competition with Poll Everywhere. Ask ‘What is mom’s favorite book?’, ‘Where is mom’s favorite place to vacation?’, ‘What is mom’s favorite childhood memory?’ and see who in your family truly knows mom the best. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, ask your mom to prep the questions so you can play, too. Pro tip: Include real prizes that celebrate your mom. A future dinner date, weekend getaway, or spa day are all great options.

Capture the moment

No matter which virtual Mother’s Day celebration you choose, make sure to capture the moment by taking a screenshot or screen recording so you can cherish it for years to come. Take a screenshot of everyone’s smiling faces within the Zoom gallery view or record the entire Zoom call and email it to your guests after the celebration is over. You or your guests could even print it out and frame it or add it to your quarantine time capsule.

Although this Mother’s Day will be different from any Mother’s Day we have celebrated before, it doesn’t have to be any less special. We hope the above ideas have inspired you to create a memorable and meaningful virtual Mother’s Day celebration! We would love to hear how you celebrated mom. Share your stories with us on Twitter.