Connect with your hybrid team with 20 fall-themed team building activities

What is the biggest challenge of managing a hybrid team? Tracking project timelines and assignment due dates? Project management tools are the platform for that. Trying to schedule a meeting with people in different timezones? Calendars got you covered. What about instant communication for quick check-ins? Messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams are way ahead of the curve.

The biggest challenges that hybrid teams face is the inability to meet in a casual environment and get to know each other. Virtual meetings are formal with hard stops and strict agendas to follow. Email and chat rooms are reserved for project updates and brainstorming. With such limited space for banter and watercooler talk, it is hard to build a connection with your hybrid team and create a sense of belonging at work that can help define the difference between a career and a job. A lack of connection can result in lower employee job satisfaction and lead to burnout.

To avoid burnout and prioritize your employees’ experience, recreate those special moments with fun team building activities that will liven up your next online meeting, presentation, or virtual hangout. Create opportunities for connection with simple activities anyone can participate in. To help you get started, we’ve created a handful of fun fall-inspired activities your hybrid team will enjoy.

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Liven up the energy with a fall mood tracker

When was the last time you checked in on how your team is feeling? Conducting regular pulse checks with your team is important for gauging employee satisfaction and identifying early signs of burnout. However, you should do them at most every 3-4 weeks. In the interim, start your meetings with low pressure icebreakers like mood trackers to see how they are feeling.

🐈‍⬛ Black cat scale

🎃 Jack o lantern mood scale

🍁 Fall mood chart

👻 Ghost mood scale

Spooky spot-the-difference

Get your team’s brains going during those early morning meetings with fun brain teasers. Spot-the-difference activities are an easy way to engage your team and get them ready for the day.

🦇 Find the 12 differences on this Halloween scene! 

🧛‍♂️ Spot the differences in this Halloween image!

👀 Can you spot the 10 differences in this fall photo?

🔍 Can you find the 9 differences in this fall scene?

This or that? Learn your hybrid team’s preferences

Given just two options, which would you choose? Start a casual hangout with these fun icebreakers or have a rapid fire session by asking these questions back to back. Spark a fun debate about the best fall things!

🥜 Pumpkin pie or pecan pie

🧣 Scarf or beanie

🍯 Maple syrup or brown sugar 

🌽 Pumpkin carving or corn maze?

Rank your favorite things

If you don’t want to put your hybrid teammates on the spot with a rapid fire icebreaker session, give them the opportunity to rank their favorite fall things instead! Ranking activities are great for live hangout sessions or asynchronous engagements. Send a response link to your ranking activity in your chat room and see the results pour in! Once you’re done collecting responses, you can also send a live results link for other participants to see the results.

🥧 Pie flavors

🍪 Fall baked treats

🥾 Favorite fall activities 

☕️ Fall beverages 

Live poll questions as conversation starters 

You know when you start a meeting and there’s that awkward 5 minutes where people are trickling in, adjusting their audio settings, and having uncomfortable small talk? Avoid all that with fun live polls as conversation starters! Instead of asking about the weather for the 5th time that day, pull up a Poll Everywhere activity and gather responses as you wait to begin your meeting.

🧑‍🌾 What is your favorite fall fashion trend? 

🥄 Would you rather eat a spoonful of cinnamon or raw pumpkin?

🪵 What is your fall staple? 

🤔 Unpopular opinion: which fall item would you want to get rid of completely? 

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