Upcoming webinar: Poll Everywhere for Enterprise

When planning an organization-wide event, the way content is presented makes a huge difference in attention and engagement levels. At the same time, a visually appealing slide deck alone won’t always make attendees walk away feeling heard and energized.

Poll Everywhere lets you share the stage with participants during a meeting. At key moments in the presentation, pause to check in with attendees. Whether you’re breaking the ice and getting to know everyone or asking for their opinions on the topic at hand, Poll Everywhere gives you a chance to go from speaking at the audience to talking with them.

The power of Poll Everywhere only gets stronger with scale. When the expectation for every meeting is a dialogue, colleagues join knowing that they can contribute their unique perspectives. This is especially true in a world where muted microphones are an unwritten rule. Give attendees a chance to submit their thoughts with a simple URL. Instead of leaving the meeting on in the background, they’ll be turning their own devices into engagement tools.

You don’t have to end the conversation when you leave the meeting, though. Use Poll Everywhere asynchronously, add teams of presenters to gather responses more widely, and generate detailed reports that reveal actionable trends.

Before implementing Poll Everywhere at your organization, you might be interested in the activity types, collaborative workflows, and security measures it offers. We’ll cover all of these topics and more on Wednesday, February 17th @ 12:00 pm PST. Join us as we walk through the Poll Everywhere features that can spark conversations at scale.

Can’t make it? This webinar will be hosted every other Wednesday, so feel free to save your seat at a future session.

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