Edit Multiple Polls

Edit Multiple Polls

Have you ever wanted to change the settings on a group of polls all at once? If you have then you’re probably familiar with the annoying process of going through every single poll one-by-one. That’s A LOT of clicks.

Have you ever wanted to move a poll from one account to another? If so you were probably pretty bummed when you found out you couldn’t.

Now you can! So, turn that frown upside down and check out the new “Edit Multiple” button at the top of your My Polls page.

Edit Multiple Menu

With the “Edit Multiple” button you can:

Responses Per Participant


Responses:  Apply a specific or unlimited number of responses per participant on selected polls



Reply Message


Reply Message: Customize the reply message settings on selected polls



How People Can Respond


How People Can Respond: Specify the allowed response methods on selected polls



Copy Visual Settings

Copy Visual Settings: Copy visual settings from one poll to the polls selected. For example, set them all to have the same background image and color scheme.

Move Poll

Move Poll: Move selected polls between groups or sub-user accounts

Select and Apply Changes

Select polls using the check boxes and click “Apply” to edit the whole batch.



  • Gabriel Pass

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to set the profanity filter for multiple items. That seems like an omission.