Do more with your audience: 700 responses on all paid Business plans

The secret’s out! We are so excited to announce officially that all of our paid Business plans now come with 700 responses per poll. Yes, you read that right. 700 responses.

We heard you. More responses was the number one feature request from our customers and we’re happy to be able to deliver on that request.

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Now, some of you are probably saying I don’t have audiences of 700. How can I fully benefit from this big update? Well, with 700 responses per poll, we’ve removed the worry of running out of responses, so as the presenter, you have the freedom to fully explore the possibilities of adding audience feedback to your next meeting, lecture, or training.

In a metaphor, think about an 8-bit video game and how you get a decent picture of the game landscape but the detail could be a bit better. Now, think about the video games released recently, they are incredibly detailed, and some even require you to eat during the game or you’ll run out of health. With this update to our response limits, you’ll be able to get a hyper detailed picture of your audience’s feedback and be able to gauge their engagement on a whole new level.

I’ve compiled a few ways to make the most of 700 responses even if you have a room of only 70.

If you’re wondering how to change response limits on your polls and activities, you can learn how to change them here.

“Choose up to X options” is now great for all sizes of audiences.

With our most popular multiple choice activity, you can now have participants respond several times without worrying about running out of responses.

  • Offer a “Choose up to X options” on a multiple choice question. Use it to guide a in-class test review by offering up four topics for students to choose from, and allow them to respond twice or three times to pick the topics they want to review first.
  • You can also use this in corporate training by asking a question that can have multiple responses and allowing participants to choose all the correct ones. This can also work in quizzing if you want to offer partial credit for those that get one or two correct out of the total correct responses. (See example below.)

Use it at your next town hall or all-hands meeting.

Your question-and-answer sessions will be much more lively with 700 responses! Participants can now submit as many questions as they’d like, where previously, they may have been limited to one or two. You’ll be able to get a true and fully transparent view on what your audience has on their minds, and no longer limited by your plan’s response capacity.  


Word clouds with even more engagement!

Ever wanted your word cloud to have sky’s the limit when it comes to responses. Now it can! You will have livelier than ever word clouds with 700 responses. Participants can send in as many words as they want (or as you determine in the Response Settings for the poll)!

  • Try a before and after word cloud activity in your next class or lecture. Ask the same word cloud question at the beginning as a baseline for the topic. Then, at the end, open the same word cloud again and have the participants respond again and watch the word cloud transform.


Using clickable images for multiple answers.

You can now use clickable images in a whole new way. Use our world map to have participants select which countries they’ve visited – or wish to visit, without limits. You can also now use clickable images for investigative questions, such as the example below. Participants are no longer limited to one or two answers, and have the freedom to vote on all the options they would like.

With 700 responses now standard on all paid Business plans, you’ll be able to capture live audience feedback better than ever before.


If you haven’t signed up for an account and want to try it out, you can do so here!