3 wholehearted ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Poll Everywhere


Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here are some polls, handpicked for you. (I’m sorry, I’m the bad joke queen at the Poll Everywhere office.) Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m here to share a few fun and festive activities you can use as icebreakers, meeting energizers, or just for whenever. All the activities listed below were tried and tested with the Poll Everywhere team, and you can see the results from those activities below.

Heart emoji word cloud

According to Emojipedia, there’s at least twenty different emojis to represent a “heart”. Start off a class or meeting by having participants respond with their favorite emoji. You can see a preview of what that might look like below. If you’re worried about off-topic emojis, I recommend turning on Moderation so you can choose to filter responses.

Poll: Respond with your favorite heart emoji

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All about the presents

Leaning into the consumerism side of the holiday for a moment, you could ask about favorite holiday candy, flowers, present, and so on – like I did below. What we learned? No one likes receiving flowers unless it’s alongside everything else :) And the the two winners were dinner and a sentimental card. Which one will win out on your team?

Poll: What is your favorite V-day gift?

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Clickable heart-shaped chocolate box

Chances are you’ll eat at least one chocolate from a heart-shaped chocolate box this Valentine’s Day. Break the ice by having participants pick which chocolates out of the grab bag of boxed chocolates look most delicious. We used this GODIVA one for our poll, but there’s tons out there to choose from.

Poll: Which chocolate looks most tasty?

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Bonus: Run a Valentine’s Day Traditions Competition. The Huffington Post has a good list to get you started. See who knows the most about this big holiday!

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