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The role of live polling in assessment, with Bronwyn Ryrie Jones

Poll Everywhere welcomes intern Aubreyanna Murray as the guest author of this post.   This summer, I had the pleasure of interning with the Poll Everywhere marketing team. One of my assignments included finding influencers: people who excel at using Poll Everywhere and love to tell others about it. That search led me to the… continue reading »

A word cloud captures responses to an emotional film in real-time

The film I AM EVIDENCE premiered on HBO last night, April 16, 2018, at 8pm. Called “searing” and “lucid” by the LA Times, the documentary revealed an epidemic of untested rape kits in the country’s police warehouses– hundreds of thousands of reported attacks that have gone without an investigation or arrest. Across the US, at… continue reading »

How one teacher prepares her students for difficult conversations

Disagreement may be habit-forming. Believing your opinion is right, or that your cause is righteous, is reassuring. It adds certainty to an uncertain time. Like all good things, however, it can become destructive when taken to extremes. Feeling overly right, righteous, certain, or safe (read: willfully ignorant) blinds you to the nuance and ambiguity that… continue reading »

Holiday conversations in a polarized world

Poll Everywhere welcomes Gabriel Grant and Jason Jay, authors of Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World, as the guest authors of this post. In today’s highly polarized political climate, even time spent with family and friends can quickly turn contentious. There we are, innocently gathering around the holiday dinner table,… continue reading »

Using Poll Everywhere to help students discuss the 2016 election

Enticing an entire classroom to speak up about anything is tough – even something as divisive as the 2016 election. Peter Paccone, a teacher at San Marino High School in Los Angeles, helped students enrolled in his US Government class discuss the 2016 presidential election using Poll Everywhere. “Poll Everywhere is great for discussing these… continue reading »


6 creative ideas for open response polling

One question we get all the time is, ‘What can I do with open response polling?’ Open response polls let users type out their own responses to questions – think Mad Libs in polling form. This style is ideal for brainstorming (‘How can we reduce turnover?’) or tackling complicated concepts (‘Describe happiness, in a word’)…. continue reading »