Q&A Polls, the best way to brainstorm and crowdsource feedback

If you’ve ever hosted a live Q&A, you might know the pain of wayward questions, long-winded audience members, and off-the-wall comments. Take, for example this Q&A about Mars with Elon Musk: It doesn’t have to be this way. We designed the ultimate live Q&A tool. It’s the instant, silent, democratic alternative to the risks of… continue reading »

Pet Doctors Learn Through Polling

When your kitty gets sick, veterinarians rely on skill, education, and experience to get her purring again. At Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, Professor of Feline Internal Medicine John August combines an audience response system, case studies, and a flipped classroom model to teach his 80 students (future doctors).

R&D Exec Gamifies Presentations to Engage

Scott Rosencrance oversees Research and Development for the Americas Paper Segment at Kemira, a specialty chemical company serving water intensive industries such as paper, oil, gas, mining, and municipal water treatment across the globe. Scott’s organization works to support existing customers. It also works to maintain an active innovation pipeline, with a focus on new… continue reading »

Using Simultaneous Polls to Bridge Vast Distances

Sometimes even the experts need experts. At the School of Medicine at Flinders University in Australia, lecturers connect with students not only on the campus in Darwin, but also with students in distant Adelaide, through e-learning technologies including interactive slides, videoconferencing, and polling software. Connecting medical experts and students at these campuses over 1,880 miles… continue reading »

Countering information overload with polling

Jayme Torres isn’t a schoolteacher. But it’s easy to feel like one when you present six-hour lectures every day, sometimes for weeks on end. You see, Jayme works as a product trainer for sales reps at Pamlab, a naturalized pharmaceutical company based in Louisiana.