Why bother with training evaluation- (1)

Why bother with training evaluation?

Poll Everywhere welcomes Richard Eason from evaluationfocus.com as the guest author of this post. Why should we bother to evaluate our training? Well, it seems to me that we would effectively be blindfolding ourselves by not doing so. When I’m asked why we should evaluate corporate training, I respond with my three principle reasons for… continue reading »

5 Ways to make employee training fun and free

5 Ways to Make Employee Training Fun and Free

I’ve heard of a mystical land. One where there are entire teams of people dedicated to training. A land where training budgets and systems are meaty and plentiful. Sadly, I only visited this type of land very early on in my career. Since then, I’ve had to be, shall I say, very creative to get… continue reading »

The future of the training department

The future of the training department

Corporate training needs to evolve if it is to stay relevant for today’s learners. This article is re-posted by permission of Harold Jarche via Written.com

5 ways to retrain employees,

5 Ways to Effectively Re-train Employees

Sometimes employees don’t understand the way an organization does things the first time. Maybe it’s a new process or policy change that creates the need to re-train and talk to employees. In industries like banking, healthcare, and finance typically a change in law or response to a recent customer situation often leads to the need… continue reading »

using employee empowerment for great customer service training

Training Employees on Customer Service with Employee Empowerment

  Customer service can make or break a business. Earning a good reputation for customer service starts with interviewing and hiring customer-oriented employees, but it also requires having a philosophy that emphasizes and supports a customer-focused environment. For HR, that means setting up training so that new hires understand customer service and your company culture…. continue reading »