New Features Summer 2016

New features: Summer 2016

Those new sharable, lovable, live-or-later surveys are pretty cool, but there were lots of other changes this past summer. Here are a few handy ones that might have flown under your radar… LaTeX in the title bar (and basically everywhere) It’s not just for response options anymore. Put LaTeX right where you’ve always wanted it: in the… continue reading »

The Poll Everywhere Surveys Quick-Start Guide

How to create shiny new Poll Everywhere surveys

Remember when your audience could only answer one Poll Everywhere question at a time? No more, friends. Poll Everywhere surveys were born to give you multi-question options for every presentation, class, and training module. This is the place to learn how to create your very first survey. And it all starts with knowing the difference… continue reading »

Poll Everywhere surveys go live

A survey light shines in the darkness In ages past there was darkness and the unknown. Then came a light in the darkness: mobile polling. Presenters now had a way to discover what the audience thought and felt. But the light was limited and only illumined one question at a time. While grateful for the light,… continue reading »

sustainability conversation

Transforming sustainability conversations in a Yale classroom

Let’s talk about broken relationships, human vulnerability, and our tendency to erect walls to keep others from seeing who we really are. You know, fun stuff. The sustainability conversation can be thorny Gabriel Grant is a Yale PhD candidate who teaches workshops on how to have difficult, but powerful, conversations about the things that matter. He helps… continue reading »

5 benefits of training employees

5 benefits of training employees

Poll Everywhere welcomes Patricia Lotich from as the guest author of this post. Employee training is something many organizations struggle with. There are issues with adequate resources for curriculum development, facilitating the training, and the down time associated with pulling employees out of their job for a period of time to learn new skills. I worked… continue reading »

Poll Everywhere for learning and development, tips, tricks, considerations, laptop on a table, classroom

So you want to use Poll Everywhere for Learning & Development…

Whether you’re steering your corporate training department into micro-learning, e-learning, situational learning, what-have-you, everybody benefits from quality interaction, both with the content and with the group. That’s why so many of the masses of brilliant and good-looking Poll Everywhere users (hey, there) live somewhere in the depths of the Professional Development department. If you’re one of those learning… continue reading »