10 instructor-led training activities for before, during, after training

“Despite declines, half of all employee training hours are still spent in instructor-led classrooms.” From ATD’s 2017 Statue of the Industry report, this quote is the core of Sam Cauthen’s “Get more out of ILT” webinar. Cauthen is the COO and Head of People Operations at Poll Everywhere with a background in consulting, organizational design, and… continue reading »


How to get better corporate training results with gamification

How far will people go to avoid boredom? According to University of Virginia researcher Timothy Wilson and his colleagues, far enough that many of us are willing to shock ourselves out of boredom — literally. Rather than be alone with their thoughts for 6 to 15 minutes, many of Wilson’s subjects chose to give themselves… continue reading »


How to take attendance using Poll Everywhere

This method requires a paid Poll Everywhere account. See Plans & Pricing for more details. Poll Everywhere can work magic in the classroom. Through interactive activities, this classroom response system gives students and teachers a constant line of communication, creating a more inclusive learning environment. Many teachers also use Poll Everywhere for a more workaday… continue reading »


How to add a logo to your poll (and other tips)

Did you know you can customize your poll response chart? You can change its color scheme, resize labels and title, and even add images. Logos are a popular addition, and dropping one into your poll is a snap. How to add a logo to your poll chart 1. On My Polls, select the poll you want… continue reading »

3 types of training (corporate learning) techniques

3 types of training (corporate learning) techniques

Poll Everywhere welcomes John Breakey from fivel.ca as the guest author of this post. On average, employees are subjected to 30+ changes per year. Some of these changes are digital (program upgrades, new software), and some are to processes or procedures (forms updates, new steps for customer support). Some changes are top-of-mind strategic changes for company advancement,… continue reading »