PSA: You can use animated GIFs in polls

There’s a special monitor at Poll Everywhere HQ that shows publicly-shared, live polls from all over the world. Some polls are simple (“What is the capital of Yemen?”), others are strange (“Give me two reasons why Batman looks like a superhero.”), but all of them give us a tinge of pride when we see the… continue reading »

10 all-hands meeting ideas that engage large audiences

An all-hands should never be just another meeting. The entire company’s creative energy is at your disposal. The walls separating departments and corporate hierarchy are down for a few hours. Capitalize on this with these all-hands meeting ideas that empower every individual to speak out, share ideas, and collaborate on a company-wide scale. All it… continue reading »

brainstorming strategies

5 brainstorming strategies for any group

In the 1940s – shortly after Slinky made its retail debut – advertising guru Alex Osborn invented collaborative brainstorming to determine what on Earth you’re supposed to do with that springy, metal coil. His findings were inconclusive1, but his brainstorming strategies revolutionized boardroom and classroom culture, and continue to shape discussions today. No criticizing No… continue reading »

25 icebreaker questions for live audience polling

Icebreaker questions set the tone of your presentation. Here at Poll Everywhere, we’ve seen them all – the good, the bad, and the awkward. Take the guesswork out of icebreakers with live polls that captivate audiences. Live mobile phone polling is a great way to engage your entire audience, especially those who are shy in… continue reading »


6 creative ideas for open response polling

One question we get all the time is, ‘What can I do with open response polling?’ Open response polls let users type out their own responses to questions – think Mad Libs in polling form. This style is ideal for brainstorming (‘How can we reduce turnover?’) or tackling complicated concepts (‘Describe happiness, in a word’)…. continue reading »

Team building and bbq with Poll Everywhere

A team-building contest with Poll Everywhere– and a BBQ!

Every summer the entire Poll Everywhere team comes together for our annual company retreat/team-building. It’s an action-packed week when local and remote employees gather at an offsite location to reflect, focus, plan, and bond. As the Poll Everywhere Office Manager (and general Jill-of-all-things-employee-engagement) this is one of my biggest opportunities of the year to reinforce and celebrate the culture we… continue reading »