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Grade large classes quickly with a Poll Everywhere report

Gradebook reports are only available on premium plans; see Plans & Pricing for details. No one enjoys pulling a late-night (or all-night) grading session. If you’ve ever had to wipe a bit drool or a dried coffee ring from a student’s exam, consider using Poll Everywhere’s Gradebook reports to help save time. These reports are… continue reading »

Create Word Cloud Free Banner

Creating your first word cloud: a step-by-step guide

Word clouds are a creative way to convey lots of information in a single image. This post will show you how to create your first, fully customizable word cloud using a free Poll Everywhere account. Poll Everywhere is used to add live, interactive questions to PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other presentations. It also has all the tools… continue reading »

Gut or Group, a PowerPoint game

A PowerPoint Game for the Classroom: Gut or Group

Clickable image polls are one of Poll Everywhere’s most flexible question types, and that flexibility makes them perfect for PowerPoint games. Most tend to think of classics like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy when it comes to PowerPoint games, but Jackson P. Burley Middle School teacher Katherine Jacoby shared a particularly fun game for the… continue reading »

Interactive presentation idea: live caption contests

Every week, The New Yorker fields 5,372 entries for its celebrated cartoon caption contest. That’s nearly 300,000 entries per year. Why? The caption contest is an irresistible call to action. This work of art is incomplete, and only you can complete it. Are you up to the task? The urge to create is irresistible, especially… continue reading »

User groups: Tools for organizing multiple presenters on your account

Tools for organizing multiple presenters on your account

If you’re the owner or administrator on a Poll Everywhere account with 10 or more presenters, then User Groups is a feature that can be incredibly helpful in managing your account. It’s the most valuable tool for organizing multiple presenters. User Groups help presenters by letting you control what polls they see. Then they’re not… continue reading »

How to choose an icebreaker for any event [infographic]

Never underestimate the positive power of good icebreakers. They promote warmth and camaraderie within your audience as everyone shares a laugh – and learns a little more – about their peers. Icebreakers come in many forms, so if you’re unsure which one is right for your next presentation, check out the handy infographic below for inspiration…. continue reading »