10 tips to improve employee development

10 tips to improve employee development

Guest post by Mary Hladio, founder and Managing Director of Ember Carriers Leadership Group U.S. companies, both large and small, spend millions every year on learning and development programs to encourage their employees’ advancement and productivity. But how do you know that these programs work effectively? The Harvard Business Review recently published the findings from a… continue reading »

Visualize audience feedback with a live word cloud in Google Slides

Word clouds are one of Poll Everywhere’s most versatile tools. I’m always discovering creative uses for them. A recent favorite comes from a teacher who uses word clouds to help her students analyze personality traits. She creates a word cloud with someone’s name as the title, then asks each student to submit five words they’d use to describe… continue reading »

How to create post-event survey questions and share the results

Poll Everywhere is a robust solution for creating post-event survey questions. Without these questions, you’re essentially event planning in a vacuum. What did attendees think of your conference? How can you use that information to improve the next one? You’ll never know if you never ask. Jason O’Rouke, senior director of public policy and federal… continue reading »

why successful meetings start and end with Poll Everywhere

Why successful meetings start and end with Poll Everywhere

11 million meetings take place in the US every day. That’s nearly three billion meetings per year, at an average cost of $338 per meeting. What’s your share of that cost? If meetings are such productivity killers, why have them at all? Meetings get a bad rap, and the numbers say it’s well deserved. To… continue reading »