Banner image announcing that Poll Everywhere now integrates with Moodle

Moodle and Poll Everywhere team up to simplify your classroom

Poll Everywhere is thrilled to unveil Moodle as our third LMS integration. Together with BlackBoard and Canvas, Poll Everywhere simplifies student engagement with the top three learning management systems worldwide. “This project was driven by customer demand,” said project manager Brian Goodman. “It’s a real boon for all our teachers and lecturers, as well as… continue reading »

Updated poll chart technology delivers speed and high impact visuals

Our engineers recently rebuilt our multiple choice and ranking polls to use D3.js, which is the most powerful and flexible technology for generating data-driven graphics in web software. It is what underlies the most compelling graphics on the web, including the highly regarded New York Times visualizations. In contrast to many other libraries, D3.js allows great control… continue reading »

Save and share poll data with new response history page

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Poll Everywhere. Between redesigning the homepage and reexamining our core values, the entire team has barely had time to catch their breath. And yet – amid all this wonderful chaos – a lesser-known but extremely useful feature finally got some attention: the response history page. Everything… continue reading »

New homepage, searchable support center

Redesigned home page and searchable support hub

You may have already noticed the new home page, but you’ll also find a redesigned support hub with a new search system that helps you quickly find the information you need. New Poll Everywhere home page The home page now offers new paths to business, education, and event-specific polling ideas, as well as a more unified visual experience. The… continue reading »

How to get more done with Poll Everywhere’s new activity creator

Poll Everywhere recently unveiled its redesigned activity creator. The new creator is available now for all presenters. When you load it up for the first time, there may be some activities you don’t recognize. Don’t worry. I have a full breakdown of how everything works below. There are also some useful tips and links to help you get the most… continue reading »