Net neutrality matters

Net neutrality ensures that people – not companies – have the freedom to choose what they see online. It ensures the market, comprised of individual people making individual decisions, determines what is successful and popular online – not AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and other companies with vested interests. There is a real possibility that net neutrality… continue reading »

Donuts on a plate

Donuts join Poll Everywhere’s growing lineup of response charts

Announcing Poll Everywhere’s latest — and tastiest — response chart: donut. Donut charts have joined Poll Everywhere’s growing lineup of response visualizations, including bar charts, live word clouds, and more. Together, Poll Everywhere’s growing suite of visual settings ensures you have the right tools to engage any audience. Donut charts are available now for all… continue reading »

Poll displayed on laptop showing screen names feature

Put names to responses with no additional steps

This feature is now available to all presenters.  Great presenters make the audience feel heard. Educators answer questions from their students. Facilitators solicit feedback from their coworkers. These interactions create an effective and efficient experience for everyone. And it all starts by knowing who said what. Poll Everywhere is making audience identification easier with our… continue reading »

Introducing a new way to use images in your questions

Sometimes the best way to word a question is with a picture. Poll Everywhere already lets you embed static and animated images in the title of a question, or as answer options in a multiple-choice question. But now the engineering team has dreamed up a new way to use images. You can now add an… continue reading »

Redesigned surveys and search help you stay organized

This update is now live for all Poll Everywhere presenters. We’re both excited and humbled by the ways presenters have embraced live audience participation. Seeing the breadth to which certain universities and businesses use Poll Everywhere has inspired us to rethink how hundreds – or thousands – of polls stay organized in your account. These changes… continue reading »

Adding colleagues to your account just got a lot easier

Poll Everywhere is all about connection. We connect presenters with the audience through the magic of live, interactive questions. Now we’re taking that connectivity a step further by helping talented presenters work together. Starting today, all business and non-profit accounts are able to add one additional presenter to their account at no additional cost. Premium… continue reading »