Breaking down a successful student presentation

Poll Everywhere welcomes Dr. John Rich from Delaware State University as the guest author of this post.   Every few semesters, when I am planning my courses, I make some changes. If I do the same thing, teach the same way, and give out the same assessments, I get bored. In my lifetime, I’ve noticed… continue reading »

higher ed success primer

The PollEv success primer for higher ed instructors

Poll Everywhere was built to make active learning and formative assessment quick and smooth. To that end, let’s run through some strategies for success. We’ll go over common pitfalls to avoid, and give you time-saving tools you can use to keep your focus on what matters. Act now to prevent end-of-semester grading trouble (Paid features: Grading… continue reading »


Compare the best word cloud generators

What follows is my humble account of tooling around with some of today’s best word cloud generators. You should know that I’m not a word cloud expert. I’ve never heard anyone describe themselves that way. But I do appreciate a colorful, aesthetically sound explosion of words. Let’s find out which tool will give you the… continue reading »


How to take attendance using Poll Everywhere

This method requires a paid Poll Everywhere account. See Plans & Pricing for more details. Poll Everywhere can work magic in the classroom. Through interactive activities, this classroom response system gives students and teachers a constant line of communication, creating a more inclusive learning environment. Many teachers also use Poll Everywhere for a more workaday… continue reading »


7 active learning strategies that connect teachers with students

Dr. Tang is one of over 200,000 educators worldwide who use Poll Everywhere to promote active learning in the classroom. Poll Everywhere is a classroom response system that engages students on devices they already have: their phones. Educators create and embed live, interactive questions into their lectures, and students respond in real-time from the privacy… continue reading »