Poll Everywhere's guiding principles

Reflecting on the values that guide us – a rare opportunity

As a team, we haven’t been big on mission statements or sweeping pronouncements of our values. We prefer to show rather than tell. But as Poll Everywhere has grown, our ambition to change presentations has grown. Polling is increasingly being used not just by the most cutting edge professional speakers, but by everyday heroes in… continue reading »

6 word cloud examples created with a live audience

Word clouds are a clever way to reinforce key points from your presentation. They’re typically static images made up of multiple words about a single topic. The size of each word reflects its popularity or importance. Poll Everywhere builds on this idea with dynamic, interactive word cloud activities the audience can contribute to, live, during your… continue reading »

18 icebreaker questions that are more fun with a phone

An icebreaker question is only as fun as its responses. Without responses, all you have is awkward silence and a group of people looking down at their phones – not each other. Coax your participants out of their shells with Poll Everywhere. This audience response system transforms participants’ phones and other devices into interactive presentation… continue reading »

5 interactive presentation ideas that leave a lasting impression

Attention is the gatekeeper of our memories. If you can’t get your audience to sit up and take notice, your presentation will soon be forgotten. In her webinar, Using neuroscience to create presentations with lasting impact, Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive scientist and cofounder of Rexi Media, emphasized the importance of attention when forming new memories…. continue reading »

Visualize audience feedback with a live word cloud in Google Slides

Word clouds are one of Poll Everywhere’s most versatile tools. I’m always discovering creative uses for them. A recent favorite comes from a teacher who uses word clouds to help her students analyze personality traits. She creates a word cloud with someone’s name as the title, then asks each student to submit five words they’d use to describe… continue reading »

Using Poll Everywhere to help students discuss the 2016 election

Enticing an entire classroom to speak up about anything is tough – even something as divisive as the 2016 election. Peter Paccone, a teacher at San Marino High School in Los Angeles, helped students enrolled in his US Government class discuss the 2016 presidential election using Poll Everywhere. “Poll Everywhere is great for discussing these… continue reading »