8 easy ideas to make your presentation memorable

Poll Everywhere welcomes Mark Schaefer as the guest author of this post. When you give a speech, your one hope is for people to actually REMEMBER what you said. That’s a difficult feat, even for the best presenters. A typical keynote speech is 45 minutes long. How can you best use this time to assure that your audience… continue reading »

Five insanely simple ideas to make your next presentation sizzle

Poll Everywhere welcomes Jon Thomas as the guest author of this post. Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation is a skill that is rarely ever taught, but somehow we’re all expected to create dazzling presentations. Though, as we all know, it rarely ever dazzles. It usually fizzles. I’m kind of a presentation geek and I’ve found that… continue reading »

Enhance your Google Slides Q&A with interactive images, graphs

Seasoned presenters know the value of a simple, structured Q&A. Q&A sessions create a dialogue between speaker and audience, forming a connection that can last long after the presentation is over. But time-wasting questions, or a reluctant audience that won’t speak up, can derail your Q&A right out of the gate. To keep things on… continue reading »

10 little-known facts about PowerPoint [infographic]

PowerPoint is known to the world as the go-to medium for presentations. It also has a long (and strange) history. From vector art to karaoke, this software has been used for a lot more than just quarterly earnings updates. Here are some of the lesser known facts about the famous slideware collected in one handy infographic…. continue reading »


New features: Fall 2016

Time-saving improvements, better slide integration, smarter clickable-image polling… The Poll Everywhere engineers have been busy cooking up good things for you. Here are a few you might want to try. Edit polls right there in PowerPoint Now you can make your Poll Slides look as wonderful as all your other slides, without ever leaving PowerPoint (or Google Slides, or Keynote)…. continue reading »

10 all-hands meeting ideas that engage large audiences

An all-hands should never be just another meeting. The entire company’s creative energy is at your disposal. The walls separating departments and corporate hierarchy are down for a few hours. Capitalize on this with these all-hands meeting ideas that empower every individual to speak out, share ideas, and collaborate on a company-wide scale. All it… continue reading »