Supporting Black Lives Matter – Announcing our product donation program

Poll Everywhere encourages two way conversations between presenters and their audience. One of the most important conversations that Poll Everywhere can support presenters or organizations engaging with their audience is on the fight for racial justice.  Due to the racial reckoning the world is undergoing there has been an outpour of companies pledging to support the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In support of moving towards action and improving organizational culture , Poll Everywhere will be donating our Engage plan and custom usernames for FREE to organizations that are doing work for BLM,  anti-racism or hosting trainings or discussions around this. Businesses and organizations that we encourage to apply include:

  • Groups whose missions align with our recent pledge to become an anti-racist organization.
  • Non-profit organizations serving underprivileged Black youth or families.
  • Groups within Bay Area school districts working with underserved youth or families.
  • Black-owned consultancies that provide anti-racism education.
  • Organizations that provide opportunities for Black youth (e.g. Black Girls Code, Black Girls Run)

If you know of an organization or group that serves Black youth, Black families, provides anti-racist education, or actively works to fight racism in another way, please share this post and encourage them to apply.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the application form below.

Apply here