Beware, the machines are innervating… and 9 other things we heard will change the world!

Yeah, we had to look it up too. But once we did we were ALL ABOUT machines and innervation. The good folks at the Churchill Club asked us to help out at one of their most popular events of the year, the Top 10 Tech Trends. We partnered with this prestigious Silicon Valley institution to bring live real-time voting to their event. Several hundred audience members judged which VC’s tech trends would reign supreme.

The winner? Machines innervating. In nerve ateing? In-er. Vate-ing. As we humbly interpreted the musings of VC Steve Jurvetson, it’s a prediction about how computers using machine learning will usher in a myriad of really cool innovations – and indeed already have, from driverless cars to Google Now. See, we told you it was cool. Sure, it had detractors who pointed to the legions of human masters that program these smart machines. But 75% of the audience agreed that machine learning is where it’s at.

There were a bunch of other tech trends that were just as sexy (albeit without the erudite vocabulary lesson thrown in for free) including the “individual revolution,” the digital divide and the rich-poor gap, cyber security, cyber warfare, smart watches and Google Glass. The ranked list of the Top 10 Tech Trends as judged by the audience is below.

We took on the machines in our own learning and cranked some numbers for our friends at the Churchill Club. Their audience was awesome and had really strong participation… in terms of sheer number, duration, and frequency of voting. Leave it to these smart Silicon Valley types to know how to innervate a room.

Let us know what you think of the Top 10 Tech Trends or if you’d like to understand more about how your audience metrics stack up.