See what you missed in our Spring Back to School webinar

College lecture hall

Sharpen those pencils. Pack up the holiday decorations. It’s time to head back to school! Poll Everywhere traditionally hosts the “Back to School” webinar at the start of every academic year, but this year we also hosted one right after the holidays.

Customer support specialist Tim Sherrill and I reviewed the basics of using Poll Everywhere in the classroom, from attendance to PowerPoint to decision modeling. We also demonstrated the latest product updates you need to know about.

If you were unable to attend, I’ve highlighted the three most essential highlights for you below. Check out the full webinar recording for the complete rundown.

Using Poll Everywhere for Decision Modeling

Skip to 11:47 in the webinar for the full demo.

With Decision Modeling, you can have your class make a decision in real time, then show them the implications or results of their choice. Launch your Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint add-in and login with your credentials to get started.

Next, create your question, insert it into your slide deck, then resize the placeholder image so you have a bit of a empty space in the bottom of the slide. Then, want to link to the corresponding slide in your deck for each option. See an example in the screenshot below.

Based on how your class votes, you can then easily click to the corresponding slide to show the results of their choice. This use case is great for Risk Analysis, Medical School, and Human Resources.

Competitions: Now with customizable timer

Since we launched Competitions in early Fall of last year, the number one request was the ability the customize the timer. We heard you. Competitions now sports a customizable timer. You can now customize the timer anywhere from zero seconds to three minutes in five-second intervals.

Student registration in Poll Everywhere

Skip to 17:15 in the webinar for the full demo.

Registering your students allows you to keep accurate records for things like attendance, grading, or evaluation. Alternatively, you may want to ask questions of a sensitive nature, or questions where you want them to remain anonymous.

Here are three ways to register students, all of which are under the Participants tab. Note: If you’re currently part of a University-wide plan, your university may have turned off one or more of these features.

The first method is Groups. You can put students in groups by class if you’d like—it’s all up to you. From there, to send a registration link to those students you want in the group, so they can register themselves. You can do this without having to create a group and just select ‘Share link’ under Add Participants.

If you’re on a University-wide plan and have an LMS integration built-in, you can import/export class rosters and grades using that system.

Another way is through a spreadsheet import of student information. The fields, ‘Email’, ‘First Name’, and ‘Last Name’ are required, while the other fields of optional. From the Import page, you can download anxt.csv template file to ensure the import is set up correctly. You can assign the spreadsheet to a class before you upload. Once you’ve selected the upload, we’ll match the information provided to our databases and report back any errors we might find.

Our Support Team is here for you

Have questions or need help troubleshooting? Our experienced and professional support team is available Monday through Friday 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. EST via email