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It’s a Mars colony Q&A. What could possibly go wrong?

Hi, Elon. We’ve been following your Mars colony news with all the wonder and curiosity our parents probably felt at the moon landing. Then we watched this perfectly good Q&A get derailed by a few (drunk?) audience members… Yeah. As someone who could be building rockets instead of answering questions about space poop, you handled that incredibly… continue reading »

The Coca Cola Super Bowl Poll Blackout

During the Super Bowl, Coca Cola ran a campaign at where people could vote on the ending of their commercial. Unfortunately, when the page was loaded, it looked like this: The Coke Chase website appeared as a blank desert for many people during the Super Bowl because of technical difficulties. Live events at this… continue reading »

Performance and Reliability: One Year Later

Remember last Fall when we experienced an insane amount of growth during the back-to-school rush and experienced a few outages along the way? We do, and we’ve been working non-stop over the past year to make sure that we don’t run into the same issues. We expect at least 2x the amount of traffic over last… continue reading »

Try Calling Google

Spoiler alert: You can’t. Well, maybe you can, if you’re the sort of “VIP” customer that knows the secret handshake. Try giving them a call (Hint: If you don’t want to wait 1:43 to hear “Because Google doesn’t offer live customer support at this time …”, press 5 and then 3). Meanwhile, Google is hugely successful without… continue reading »

Lower Price for Higher Ed Plans

We’ve been able cut our costs and pass the savings on to you.  Effective immediately, and going forward, individual instructor Higher Education plans have been cut $50 for both semester and annual plans. Visit the higher ed pricing page to take advantage of the new price.  More details: Semester Plans:  were $399, now $349 (13%… continue reading »